Q: How many languages does the game support?
A: 10 languages: English, Russian, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chines, Japanese, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese.
Q: Can I play against people in different countries?
A: Yes, you are able to play against everyone.
Q: Can I use my Facebook name instead of assigned name?
A: Yes, you will be. We are planning an update in short amount of time that will allow you to play against Facebook friends.
Q: I bought XBOX version of this game on my device, but now I can't download it from the store. What happened?
A: The game was removed from XBOX publishing portfolio. When this was done, the record of previous purchases was discarded by Microsoft. The game was not transferred to Babaroga (XBOX policy), instead it was removed from the store. The consequence is that we cannot support previous versions of the game, and only way to guarantee the game updates is to download it again. The silver lining is that if you buy it now on your phone, you will get it FREE on your Windows 8, and vice versa.
Q: I completed my turn in multiplayer and waited for it to be my turn again. When the button changes from "Choose Game" to "Start Turn" the game freezes shortly after I click on it.
A: The opponent needs to make their turn for the game to continue.
Q: Who can I contact to submit bugs or ask for help?
A: Send an email to contact@babaroga.com subject [Zombies!!! Support].
Q: Which platforms are currently supported?
A: Currently supported platforms are Apple iOS, Android, Windows, and Windows Phone.
Q: Is multilayer gameplay available?
A: Yes, on-line multiplayer is available on Apple and Android devices.
Q: I sent a iOS GameCenter request, but my friend is not responding. Why?
A: GameCenter is no longer supported. We are moving to multi-player which allows gameplay among Android and iOS
Q: Can I start the game on one Apple device and continue my game on another Apple device?
A: Yes, as long as your iCloud is enabled, and as long as you use the same username / password.
Q: How many languages does the game support?
A: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Korean, Brazilian, Japanese, Simplified Chinese.
Q: Wny can't I use an avatar in Windows 8 version of the game?
A: Make sure you are signed into Xbox Live and have an avatar made for that profile.
Q: Why are there funny polygons stretching all over on Windows 8?
A: Update your drivers to Win8 releases, or you may be using an unsupported graphics card.
Q: Is asynchronous multiplayer in the works for Windows 8 or Windows Phone?
A: No, not at the moment.
Q: When will DLC packs be released for my platform?
A: Depends on the platform."Not dead yet" is available on Windows Phone. Others will come in future! We will love to bring them to you. You can help by hiting the donate button below. All money dontated will be put directly to expansion packs.

Q: The dice seem loaded, is it cheating me?
A: Check out the stats page to see how many times each number has been rolled, we balanced the dice for statistically even odds.

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